Student Happenings


To submit an announcement in accordance with the guidelines below, click Continue and complete the form. To submit an event, create it in W&M Events and recommend it to the Student Happenings calendar for consideration. Information about the difference between an event and an announcement can be found below.

Review the guidelines before posting! Submissions that do not adhere to the appropriate parameters may be denied. Contact Trici Fredrick, Associate Director of Student Leadership Development at or 221-3254 if you have questions.

  • The email is sent twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday (schedule may vary on holidays and when the College is closed).
  • The email consists of approved announcements submitted on this site plus a short list of upcoming events with a link to view more from the Student Happenings calendar in W&M Events.
  • What is the difference between an "event" and an "announcement"?
    • Events occur at a specific date and time (e.g., lectures, performances, info sessions). These must be submitted in W&M Events and recommended to the Student Happenings calendar for consideration.
    • Announcements can include general information or information about activities that are not tied to specific dates (i.e., application deadlines, ticket sales, general audition calls, team sign-ups).
  • Announcements and events appearing in Student Happenings are open to the campus community and generally include:
    • lectures, performances, athletic and recreational events
    • community service and volunteer opportunities
    • special and campus-wide events
    • general campus announcements (parking, construction and utilities)
    • announcements/sign-ups/deadlines requiring advance ticket sales, reservation or registration
    • priority will be given to postings that are open to students and listed by students
  • Topics such as the following are not acceptable for Student Happenings:
    • announcements for items for sale or rent; or inquiries about items for sale or places for rent
    • events that are only open to a particular organization or club
    • postings for commercial purposes, such as circulating advertising for products
    • postings of events that are not sponsored by a College Department and/or recognized student organizations/groups
  • To increase effectiveness and streamline the email, organizations and departments may be asked to consolidate similar programs and events.
  • Student Happenings postings are moderated (approved/denied) Monday through Friday by a staff member in Student Leadership Development.
    • The moderator reserves the right to modify the content or formatting of any submission for the sake of space, clarity or policy compliance.
    • Submissions containing errors or ambiguities will be modified or denied at the discretion of the moderator.
    • Event information submitted as an announcement on this site will be denied. Events must be submitted in W&M Events and recommended to the Student Happenings calendar for consideration.

Submission Deadlines

The following deadlines apply to all new submissions, as well as to modifications of approved postings:

  • for the Student Happenings issue sent on Monday, submit by noon on Friday
  • for the Student Happenings issue sent on Thursday, submit by noon on Tuesday

These deadlines are provided so that subscribers know the day and time a posting must be received to guarantee it will be moderated in time to be included in the next upcoming issue of Student Happenings.

Posting Announcements
  • Enter an appropriate Subject (60 character limit) and Message (300 character limit).
  • Include contact information and/or an associated website whenever possible so that readers have someone to contact or a website to visit for more information.
  • Your announcement will appear once in an upcoming issue. To have it appear again, you must submit a new announcement.
  • You may submit an announcement for a given activity four times in a single semester. For the purpose of Student Happenings, semesters run from August 1-December 31, January 1-May 31 and June 1-July 31.
  • If you submit a given announcement a third time, there must be a gap of at least two weeks between the first appearance and third appearance.
  • Select "My Announcements" to see all of the announcements you have submitted. You can edit submissions that have not yet been distributed. Note that editing a submission that has already been Approved, will change its status back to Pending and must be moderated again.

Posting Events in W&M Events
  • Go to and click "Sign In" at the top of the page.
  • Create a new event.
  • Enter the event information on the first screen and select the Student Happenings calendar under "Top Calendars" on the second screen.
  • Events recommended to the Student Happenings calendar are moderated (approved/denied) Monday through Friday by a staff member in Student Leadership Development.
  • Advertisements for events where alcohol will be served must comply with the Alcohol Policy in the Student Handbook.